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A Children's Book- Written and Illustrated by Stefania Francesca 

Jojo is a happy boy who loves fireworks, the zoo, swings, and trucks! He was also born with a hearing disability. In this inspiring, child-friendly picture book about microtia, written by his mother, Jojo will tell you all about his favorite things. He’ll also answer your questions about his tiny ear and show you that his disability doesn’t stop him from enjoying his life!

Author and illustrator Stefania Munzi-Logus writes lovingly, but informatively, about her son, his condition, and how to communicate with people with microtia.  But the real message for kids and parents alike is that differences are ok and that everybody is a little bit different!

“Be proud of what makes you, you.
We all thrive with our own technique.
You are valuable too.
The world is more beautiful when we are all unique.”

Jojo's Tiny Ear: Bio
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